Train My Mind based in Cheshire offers “The Mindfulness Living Course” and “Workplace Mindfulness Training” courses to meet the needs of adults, The “Paws .b” training for primary school children. Whether you have a busy professional life, a demanding family or perhaps you are juggling both we can offer a course suitable for you. Our Mindfulness Courses in Cheshire are currently running at , High Legh Village Hall and various other venues around Cheshire.

What is Mindfulness?

In Mindfulness practice we learn to actively train our minds to be purposely in ‘the moment’.  We do this through a  powerful set  of practices and  meditations that individuals and groups can learn to do on a day-to-day basis.

In the practices and meditations we learn to connect our body and mind. We learn to train our minds to change the way we think and feel about our  everyday experiences .This enables us to to handle the difficulties in life and importantly learn to savour the good things in life too .

Mindfulness meditation

We cultivate Mindfulness through the practice of meditation in which people learn to pay attention in each moment. Meditation is not about clearing the mind, but more about observing the mind. Thourgh meditation practice we see the patterns of our mind and our dominant thoughts, which can often lead to stress, depression and negative thinking. Only when we recognise these patterns can we learn to train our minds into a more positive mindset.

People practicing mindfulness meditation for any length of time, experience a change in themselves. They report feeling clamer, less stressed and more creative. They also learn to be less judgemental of themselves and others. They  learn to be more compassionate to themselves and those around them .


Evidence has shown that those trained in mindfulness experience:

Improved physical and mental well-being. Are happier and more fulfilled in all areas of their life

Improved mental ability and agility allowing them to focus on the things that need attention in any given moment

Reduced stress and have learnt to manage thoughts and emotions. Improved emotional control and self regulation.

Experience improved communications benefiting relationships at home and in the workplace

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