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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a powerful set of techniques and practices, which teach us to lead a calmer and a more positive fulfilling way of life. Feeling stressed, anxious, tired and or worried, or perhaps you are just struggling with a busy life ?  Then Mindfulness is for you.

We learn to:

  • Train our minds to be calmer, which changes the way we think and feel about our everyday experiences .
  • Through the practice of meditation we learn to pay attention to each moment in our lives. This results in us maximising our enjoyment of our daily activities and special ocassions.
  • We  learn to recognise how we are feeling emotionally and physically. 
  • We develop emotional control and learn how to manage the difficulties in our life.
  • We learn how to be kind to ourselves and take action to care for ourselves when necessary.

Benefits of Mindfulness Training

  • Improved physical and mental well-being. Increased happiness and more fulfilled in all areas of life.
  • Improved mental ability and agility allowing focus on the things that need attention in any given moment
  • Reduced stress, management of thoughts and emotions. Improved emotional control and self regulation.
  • Improved communications beneficial to relationships at home and in the workplace.

How will I feel after learning how to be more mindful?

People practicing mindfulness meditation for any length of time, experience a change in themselves. They report feeling clamer, less stressed and more creative. They also learn to be less judgemental of themselves and others. They  learn to be more compassionate to themselves and those around them .

Course overview

We could consider our training in Mindfulness as taking our brain to the gym. Our minds are highly developed, however you may be surprised to know that research has shown our minds have a negative bias, which can be unhelpful to our well-being. Training in mindfulness can retrain our minds from these unhelpful sometimes negative thinking patterns to more positive thinking patterns that can improve our well-being and happiness.

Why is this course unique?

This course is unique as it is designed to suit any individual who may be wishing to improve their overall well-being and or to manage their stress or pain. The course content  is based on the evidence of scientific research of the benefits of mindfulness and the theories of positive psychology.

How do I study?

Based in Cheshire, working in locations around the UK we offer group and one to one courses. Dependant on location training can be face to face or on-line courses. 

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