Mindfulness Courses for Schools

School Children

Paws b and .b Training for schools

Benefits for primary and secondary school children:

  • Promotes well-being in the child and  develops emotional resilience
  • Offers knowledge and skills applicable to the child’s life now and in the future
  • Develops a number of practical skills and exercises that they can choose and call on when needed.
  • Extends the thinking skills and creativity in line with the national curriculum, such as metacognition.

What is Paws b and .b Mindfulness Training?

It is the  leading mindfulness curriculum for 7 -11 year old and 11 - 18 year old children in schools in the UK. The lessons are flexible and varied and can be taught as six, one hour lessons, or twelve 30 minute lessons. In each lesson they learn a practical exercise they can call on should they need it. Learning from all of the lessons is encouraged to be connected to other aspects of the school curriculum where and when appropriate, such as music, sport, art, drama, queuing to come into the classroom, school and residential trips, to name just a few possibilities.

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More information available here about both courses can be found at MISP - https://mindfulnessinschools.org/

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