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Groups and Individuals

Who is this course for?

The course is for anyone who is struggling with the demands as many of us are to live and work in what today is a very hectic society. Classes are generally for groups of around 10-15 people. Individuals can arrange private classes if they prefer. Classes are held  face to face or on-line.

Course overview

Training in mindfulness can retrain our minds from these unhelpful sometimes negative thinking patterns to more positive thinking patterns that can improve our well-being and happiness.

Mindfulness can reduce stress and anxiety, increase happiness and well being. It has been shown that those who regularly practice mindfulness have greater emotional regulation and improved relationships at home and in the workplace as they develop techniques to deal with their busy lifestyle.

Mindfulness course aims

To introduce you to a range of key mindfulness techniques and meditation skills which you will then be able to apply to enhance your personal and professional life.

From week 1 until the end of the course there are practical experiential exercises to try out and learn, from which you will feel the benefits of Mindfulness. You will also received materials to use each week and continued support. 

You will be taught how to adapt these mindfulness techniques to your own life with a view to developing mindfulness as a way of life.

Course objectives

  • Introduce you to Mindfulness – what it is and what it is not and we view the scientific evidence
  • Introduce you  to Mindfulness techniques so that we can experience  ‘being in the moment’
  • Learn to Meditate and settle the mind.
  • Learn to experience and build the connection between body and mind.
  • Learn about the connection between thoughts, feelings and emotional control.
  • Learn to recognise your thoughts and manage your emotions.
  • To introduce you to practical techniques and tools that you can use everyday to improve your happiness levels from the school of positive psychology.
  • Practical tools to integrate Mindfulness into everyday life.

Why is this course unique?

This course is unique as it is designed to suit any individual who may be wishing to improve their overall well-being and or to manage their stress or pain. The course content  is based on the evidence of scientific research of the benefits of mindfulness and the theories of positive psychology.

How do I study Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is experiential learning so there is a little theory with lots of practical exercises for you to enjoy and try out.

  • Attend each week to your group class held in a physical location or on-line.
  • Practice the short exercises daily or 6 days out of 7
  • Keep  an open mind to enjoy the experience and meet others of like minds. It is a commitment but the rewards are well worth it.

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